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Mod application

Post  Lance22 on Sun 31 Jan 2010, 11:56 pm

Your Key:Lance22

how you could help: I can watch over the game, help players in need Resolve fights , and punish the people who break the rules. I can icon, but i cant create icons. I can spread the word about this new game, ( i have plenty of friends on here) I can give you great ideas, find icons you need for the game, and suggest moves to you (have already done some of this)

How active you are:Active as soon as i get home. Unless im in trouble, i will be on everyday. Weekends ill probably be on majority of day.

How your ideas can benifit The game: Could make the game make more since to confused players, some of my ideas could enchance the roleplay system. And overall make the game more realastic to the actual ninja world Smile


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